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Tsujimori Tatsuki Tsujimori Tatsuki

Field geology, metamorphic petrology, regional tectonics

Biographical Sketch

Tatsuki Tsujimori is a professor of geology who specializes in metamorphic petrology and regional tectonics, with a particular research focus on the petrogenesis and geochemistry of high-pressure metamorphic rocks such as blueschists and eclogites.
Prof. Tsujimori graduated from Shimane University in 1994, and received a master’s degree from Kanazawa University in 1996, then a Ph.D. from Kanazawa University in 1999. After his postdoctoral experiences at Okayama University of Science (2000-2004) and Stanford University (2002-2006), he worked as an assistant professor (2006-2009) and an associate professor (2010-2015) at the Institute for Study of the Earth’s Interior at Okayama University (in Misasa, Tottori). In September 2015, he began as a professor of geology at the Center for Northeast Asian Studies at Tohoku University.
The strength of his research lies in combining detailed fieldwork and geological observations with quantitative petrological and geochronological approaches aimed at understanding the geodynamic processes at convergent plate boundaries -from mineral equilibrium/ kinetics scale to plate tectonic scale. Currently, his research focuses on petrotectonic studies of fossilized subduction zones in Southwest Japan, Far East Russia, Central America, and East Africa, and integrated petrologic/geochemical investigation of jadeitite “jade” (a peculiar gemstone) Prof. Tsujimori’s scholarly accomplishments have received several honors, including the Young Researchers Award of the Geological Society of Japan (1999), the Masanori Sakuyama Award of the Geological Society of Japan (2006), the Young Researchers Award of the Japanese Association of Mineralogists, Petrologists and Economic Geologists (the Japan Association of Mineralogical Sciences) (2006), Fellow of the Mineralogical Society of America (2013), and Fellow of the Geological Society of America (2014). He is an editorial board member of Journal of Metamorphic Geology, International Geology Review, and Geologica Acta.

Jadeite veins (precipitated jadeitites) cross-cutting a blueschist
Jadeite veins (precipitated jadeitites) cross-cutting a blueschist

Principal areas of interest
● Phanerozoic subduction zone metamorphism/metasomatism
● Subduction zone fluids and slab -mantle interaction
● Earth's secular changes as recorded in subduction zone dynamics
● Serpentinite-matrix melange as fossilized Benioff zone
● Geotectonic evolution of the Japanese Islands and regional extents in Northeast Asia.

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