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Common theme: Changes in the regional structure of Northeast Asia: Path toward better co-existence of society from trans-border viewpoint

About this project:
As the joint academic institute, the National Institutes for the Humanities (NIHU) has taken a central role in integrating six humanity research institutes under the funds from the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports Science and Technology. With the start of the 3rd Mid-term Plan on April 20, 2016, NIHU has established new subsidiary organizations called gCenter for Information and Public Relationsh and gCenter for Transdisciplinary Innovationh. The former aims for effective communication and publication of research outcome. The latter is to promote and integrate new transdisciplinary projects. The 3rd Mid-term Plan aims to reorganize Area Studies projects NIHU has promoted for the last 10 years, namely gIslamic area studyh, gmodern Chinese area studyh, and gmodern Indian area studyh into garea promotion projectsh under a new organizational system. Through this process, the promotion project for Northeast Asian area studies has been launched as a new Area Studies project. This gPromotion Project for Northeast Asian Area Studiesh will be conducted under the control of NIHUfs Center to Promote Humanity Studies as a part of gPromotion Project for modern Middle Eastern Area Studiesh, gPromotion Project for South Asia Area Studiesh and gPromotion Project for modern Chinese Area Studiesh.

Network for Area Studies of Northeast Asia (from the basic plan of this project)
Area promotion projects are taken as network-based research projects. The gPromotion Project for Northeast Asian Area Studiesh will lead Northeast Asian region related researches, conducted by six research institutes in Japan. These six institutes include National Museum of Ethnology as a central institute, Slavic-Eurasian Research Institute of Hokkaido University, Center for Northeast Asian Studies of Tohoku University, Center for Far Eastern Studies of the University of Toyama, and Institute for North East Asian Research of the University of Shimane and Waseda Institute of Contemporary Chinese Studies of Waseda University as well as NIHUfs two institutions including Research Institute for Humanities and Nature and National Museum of Japanese History. The project aims to create and enhance research cooperation among these research institutes and other national and international research institutes they have already established cooperative relationship, through the networks of people and information, so to further develop joint researches and surveys.

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