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CNEAS Project Research

(1) Research Unit for the Multidisciplinary Study of Continuities and Similarities among Geology and "Rock"-using Culture in Northeast Asia
(2016-2020 Leader:TSUJIMORI Tatsuki)
(2) Unit for the collaborative study on the environment and the resources of Northeast Asia
(2016-2020 Leader:OKA Hiroki)
(3) Unit for Anthropological Studies on the Social Change and the Cultural Persistence in East Asia
(2017-2020 Leader:SEGAWA Masahisa)
(4) Disaster Humanities Unit
(2017- 2022 Leader:TAKAKURA Hiroki)
(5) Archaeological Survey by Advanced Science
(2018-2022 Leader:SATO Motoyuki)
(6) Research Unit on 20th Century Eurasian History
(2018-2020 Leader:UENO Toshihiro)
(7) Research unit for History on Interactions between Humans and Earth Environments
(2020-2022 Leader:SANO Katsuhiro)
(8) Research unit for co-evolution between biodiversity and culture
(2020-2022 Leader:CHIBA Satoshi)

Projects completed in 2019
(1) Establishment of the Atmospheric Environment Management Scheme in Northeast Asia
(2014-2019 Leader: ASUKA Jusen)
(2) Research Unit for 20th Century History of Russia and China
(2012-2016 Leader: TERAYAMA Kyosuke)
(3) Research Unit for the Study of Language and Cultural Heritage in Northeast Asia
(2013-2016 Leader: KURIBAYASHI Hitoshi)
(4) Applied humanities on the local cultural heritage struck by disaster
(2014-2016 Leader: TAKAKURA Hiroki)
(5) Research Unit for Constructing the Areal Concept of the 21st Century Northeast Asia
(2009-2015 Leader: OKA Hiroki)
(6) Unit for Cultural Anthropological Study on the Social Change in Contemporary China
(2012-2015 Leader: SEGAWA Masahisa)
(7) Research Unit for Disaster Mitigation by Radio Science
(2013-2015 Leader: SATO Motoyuki)
(8) Image Database of Texts and Pictures on Publishing Culture Research Unit
(2013-2015 Leader: ISOBE Akira)
(9) Study on possible geoparks in Northeast Asia
(2014-2016 Leader: ISHIWATARI Akira)
(10) Research Unit for CO2 Reduction System by the Management of Forest Fire
(2011-2013 Leader: KUDO Jun-ichi)
(11) Research Unit of the Interaction between Human Ecology and Technology in Siberia Societies
(2009-2013 Leader: TAKAKURA Hiroki)

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