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Regular Projects

The construction of next step Geo-tourism for forming Minami-Sanriku Sendai-wan Geopark
(2017-2019 Leader:MIYAMOTO Tsuyoshi)
A Study of Russians-speaking People outside of Russia through Their Oral Histories: Their Oral Languages and Cultural Shifts
(2017-2019 Leader:YANAGIDA Kenji)
GPR Archaeological Survey
(2017-2019 Leader:SATO Motoyuki)
Migration and Boom: What did immigrants bring in and bring buck ?
(2017-2019 Leader:KAWAGUCHI Yukihiro)
Comparative study on the historical context of the imperial rule of the Qing in the regions of the Northeast Asia
(2017-2019 Leader:OKA Hiroki)
Geothermal and geochemical monitoring on the activity of Zao Volcano
(2017-2019 Leader:GOTO Akio)
Study on the Historical Consciousness of Chinese in the Compilation of Genealogies
(2017-2020 Leader:SEGAWA Masahisa)
Finding the Adequate Tools to Analyze Authoritarian Regime Resilience in China
(2017-2017 Leader:NAITO Hiroko)
Social environment originated from forearc magmas at the Nemuro Peninsula to Habomai Island
(2017-2018 Leader:HIRANO Naoto)
Coping for the urban environmental problems through multi-layered survey of the living in Ulaanbaatar - Ger district
(2017-2017 Leader:SAKAMOTO Go)
Sustainable maintenance of natural heritage with precious stones: An interdisciplinary study
(2017-2017 Leader:KAYAMA Masahiro)
Restoration of the white-tailed sea eagle and  Steller's sea-eagle hunting based on the identification of feathers of an arrow of the Sendai City Museum possession.
(2017-2017 Leader:Ohtaishi Noriyuki)
A multidisciplinary study on the long-term interaction of “Rock”-using Culture with the geological environment in Northeast Asia.
(2017-2017 Leader:TAMURA Kohei)
Japanese soft-power in Northeast Asia
(2016-2018 Leader:ISHII Atsushi)
Collaborative Empirical Research of the Processes for the Regeneration, Creation and Sustainability of Communities hit by the Great East Japan Earthquake
(2016-2018 Leader:TAKAKURA Hiroki)
Study on the Community Formation in the Multi-Ethnic Northeast Asian Border Areas.
(2015-2018 Leader:OKA Hiroki)
Researches on biodiversity records in archaeological sites
(2015-2017 Leader:CHIBA Satoshi)
Potential of the coal consumption reduction policy in China on mitigation of both air pollution and climate change
(2014-2019 Leader: ASUKA Jusen)
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