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Regular Projects

Japanese soft-power in Northeast Asia
(2016-2018 Leader:ISHII Atsushi)
Collaborative Empirical Research of the Processes for the Regeneration, Creation and Sustainability of Communities hit by the Great East Japan Earthquake
(2016-2018 Leader:TAKAKURA Hiroki)
The Bible Translation and Christian Culture in Asia
(2016-2016 Leader:ARAI Yukiyasu)
Survey of Tsunami Deposits in Eastern Taiwan Using Ground Penetrating Radar.
(2016-2016 Leader:NAKAMURA Mamoru)
An integrated study on testing method for regional continuity of metamorphic rocks in NE Asia
(2016-2016 Leader:TSUJIMORI Tatsuki)
An integrative study on the strategic use of stone materials and cultural exchanges: toward the reconstruction of the history of "Rock"-using Culture in Northeast Asia.
(2016-2016 Leader:TAMURA Kohei)
Dwelling space and neighborhood relationships in traditional urban residence in Mongolia
(2016-2016 Leader:TAKIGUCHI Ryo)
Study on the Community Formation in the Multi-Ethnic Northeast Asian Border Areas.
(2015-2018 Leader:OKA Hiroki)
Researches on biodiversity records in archaeological sites
(2015-2017 Leader:CHIBA Satoshi)
Contrastive Study of Grammatical Categories of Mongolian, Japanese, and Chinese
(2015-2016 Leader:KURIBAYASHI Hitoshi)
Potential of the coal consumption reduction policy in China on mitigation of both air pollution and climate change
(2014-2019 Leader: ASUKA Jusen)
Research on the influence of religious practices on social diversity of local community after 3.11
(2014-2016 Leader: KIMURA Toshiaki)
Research of Traditional Mongolian Dictionaries
(2014-2016 Leader: KURIBAYASHI Hitoshi)
A Strategic Study on East Asian Transboundary Air Pollution Problem and Japan's Environmental Diplomacy
(2014-2016 Leader: ISHII Atsushi)
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