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Northeast Asian Studies
Tohoku Ajia Kenkyu [Northeast Asian Studies] The refereed interdisciplinary journal of the Center for Northeast Asian Studies published annually since 1996. Articles in the journal, which are mostly in Japanese or English, cover a wide range of interests in the area studies of Northeast Asia from literature, linguistics, history, anthropology, international relations, environmental policies and other social sciences to ecology, geology, geochemistry, civil engineering, infrastructure planning, environmental informatics, and applied electromagnetics.


Contents of No.22 (2019)

Image of the Family looked through a Written Genealogy: Changes in the Shape of Jia unit in “W” Lineage of Sha Tin, the New Territories of Hong Kong
SEGAWA Masahisa
Profitability Evaluation of China’s Tight Oil Development Considering Policy Uncertainty ―A Trial Approach with Uncertainty Countermeasure Model and Real Options―
LIU Xiaozheng

Research Report
The Emperors'Musical Performances and The Theory of Rites and Music in The Heian Era: Compared to China from Ancient Times to The Tang Dynasty
MORI Shin’nosuke

Book Reviews
LI Xiaodong,Reflections on Modern China: A Perspective of“Baixing”Society,2018.
NAITO Hiroko

Contents of No.23(2018)

Desire for the Continuity: a Research on the Chinese Genealogical Concepts through the Analysis of a Written Genealogy of “W” Lineage in Sha Tin, the New Territories of Hong Kong
SEGAWA Masahisa
Modern Japan’s Medical and Hygienic Enterprise in Eastern Inner Mongolia before the 9.18 Incident
SAIJIRAHU Buyanchugla
Land improvement under conditions of permafrost: melioratsiia and intended forms of environmental change in Soviet Yakutia
HABECK Joachim Otto, YAKOVLEV Aital Igorevich
Book Reviews
TAKAKURA Hiroki, History and Cultural Ecology of Boreal Asia, Kokonshoin, 2018
HONDA Shunwa

Contents of No.22 (2017)

About Colophons with publishing date of Wan-li Sin-sui in Ming Jian-yang imprints
ISOBE akira
Food sources contributing to the diet of common and crucian carps in a shallow,temperate, eutrophic lake
Yasuno Natsuru, Fujimoto Yasufumi, Shimada Tetsuo, Shikano Shuichi, Kikuchi Eisuke

Fletcherite group minerals from the Kouyama gabbro, Hagi city, Yamaguchi Prefecture, Japan - Studies on their chemical compositions and Raman spectroscopy –
KITAKAZE Arashi, OZAWA Shin, ASAKAWA Akitoshi, KOMATSU Ryuichi, ITOH Yoshinori

Research Report
Documents and consideration of the completion number of prescribed statutes of limitations in China around 1920
A study of mixed farming from livestock farming tools of Inner Mongolia: herdsman`s material culture and subsistence changes

Book Reviews
MEGUMI Sasaki, A Whale of a Tale, Shueisha, 2017
ISHII Atsushi

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