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Cross-cultural journey through foods and rituals: Siberia and Americas from the indigenous perspectives
TAKAKURA Hiroki, YAMAGUCHI Mikako eds.

This book is based on the symposium organized at Sendai in November 2012. Researchers who has traveled in Siberia, North America, and South America, shows the structure of the society for obtaining food, and the ritual that relate to their view of the world and religion. They revealed how to extend cultural diversity in the world based not only on modern world but on archaeological and indigenous viewpoints. It is an alternative method for understanding the world.

Suspended Transportation and Isolated Region
OKUMURA Makoto, FUJIWARA Junko, UEDA Kyoko, KAMIYA Daisuke

In Northeast Asia region, transportation is sometimes suspended by severe natural climate and disasters. This book introduces how human and society prepare and react against transportation suspensions and regional isolations, in several communities in a village of Arctic Siberia after the collapse of Soviet Union facing to the Global climate change, remote islands of Okinawa vulnerable to typhoon storms and high waves, and Sendai at the time of the Great East Japan Earthquake. By a variety of methods anthropological field research, sociological participating observation, consideration from Infrastructure Planning viewpoint, and microeconomic analysis, researchers have revealed the multiple faces of transportation suspension and regional isolation.

Linkage of earth in Northeast Asia

Geological linkage between Japanese Islands and Korean Peninsula, Chinese Continent, and continental margin of Far East Russia is explained from global viewpoints using many maps and diagrams. Geological topics such as crust-mantle structure of the earth, history of continental drift and formation of the Japan Sea are also described with episodes of the field work. This is an account of the lectures of the same title that were given by the authors at Sendai in 2009.

Nomads of Siberia and Africa: Livelihoods with domestic animals in the Arctic and the Desert
TAKAKURA Hiroki and SOGA Toru

This is the handbook for the anthropology of the pastoral nomads. How human survive the harsh environment of Siberia and Africa, which is the core question of this book, describing the charm of the tradition of Eveny and Gabura peoples. Given the overall pictures in Siberia and Africa, the mechanism of technological and social livelihood of people living with reindeer and camels as livestock are ethnographically explained. They are the indigenous ethnic minorities in their countries, which lives are at the forefront of the contradictions of modern state and development such as ethnic conflicts, refugee problems, and market economy. Authors focus on these predicaments but also uncover their hopes for future.

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