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Research Projects Funded by 2007 FY Grants-in-Aid

Research Projects Funded by 2007 FY Grants-in-Aid for Scientific Research from Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology, and Japan Society for the Promotion of Science

No. Category Research Topic Leader Year
1 Scientific Research (S) Developmental Application of Radar Technology for Humanitarian Demining Sato Motoyuki 2006-2011
2 Scientific Research (A) China-Japan-North Korea Joint Research on History of Mt. Paektu Volcanic Activity and Magma Taniguchi Hiromitsu 2005-2009
3 Scientific Research (B) Comprehensive Research on Development of Utopian Thought in Northeast Asia and Visions for the Region Yamada Katsuyoshi 2005-2009
4 Scientific Research (B) Intercity Transport Facility Planning Responsive to Cancellation and Delay Risks in Intercity Transport Services Okumura Makoto 2005-2008
5 Scientific Research (B) Field experiments of MOVE for the construction of robot system for the observation of volcanic eruption Taniguchi Hiromitsu 2007-2010
6 Scientific Research (B) Research on Identity Re-building in Scholarship and Education in Asian Regions of the Former Soviet Union Oka Hiroki 2007-2010
7 Scientific Research (B) Japan-Russia Relations in the Period before the Opening of Japan Hirakawa Arata 2005-2008
8 Scientific Research (B) China's theory of ethnicity and the dynamics of ethnic relations: a perspective of cultural anthropology Segawa Masahisa 2007-2010
9 Scientific Research (B) Ecosystem studies of the higher trophic levels of food webs in the saline Lake Chany complex in western Siberia Shikano Shuichi 2007-2010
10 Scientific Research (C) The Formation of Images of the Hakka People in Chinese, Taiwanese, Japanese Scholarly Books as well as General Works Segawa Masahisa 2004-2008
11 Scientific Research (C) A Study of the Kanji Used to Transliterate Mongolian in the Yuan Zhao Mi Shi [ The Secret History of the Mongols ] Kuribayashi Hitoshi 2006-2008
12 Scientific Research (C) Comprehensive analysis of the policy to mitigate climate change by the Japanese Government focusing on the cost-effectiveness Asuka Jusen 2007-2010
13 Scientific Research (C) The Soviet ethnic policy on the borderland areas in the Stalin Era. Terayama Kyosuke 2007-2010
14 Scientific Research (C) The formation of Sectarian Bao-juan in the Ming dynasty: Focusing on the adoption of a religious narrative in the Jia-jing and Wan-li periods Isobe Akira 2007-2011
15 Scientific Research (C) A Contrastive Study of the Russian Language Used as a Lingua Franca in Central Asian Countries Today Yanagida Kenji 2007-2010
16 Exploratory Welfare, Water Environment and the Role of Women In Rural Areas of Bengal Sakamoto Maiko 2007-2010
17 Young B Survey and Research on the Potential for Science and Technology in Siberia Tokuda Yukako 2006-2008
18 Young B Sakha People's Livestock Trust System and Its Adaptation to the Market Economy under Recentralizing Russia: An Anthropological Study Takakura Hiroki 2006-2009
19 Young B The study on the large-scale deforestation during Middle ages at the Baitoushan Area in Northeast Asia Miyamoto Takeshi 2007-2009
20 Publication Publishing and Local cultures in East Asia Isobe Aikira 2005-2008

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