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Northeast Asian Studies Series

Results of research for CNEAS joint international projects published in English to promote dialogue with foreign scholars; irregular publication.
Northeast Asian Studies Series 1. Facets of Transformation of the Northeast Asian Countries, eds. Tadashi Yoshida and Hiroki Oka, 1998.
2. Russia and Japan: A Historical Survey, ed. Kyosuke Terayama, 1998
3. Facets of Transformation of the Northeast Asian Countries II, ed. Hiroki Oka, 1999.

4. High Temperature Super Conductivity: New Materials and Properties, ed. Kyosuke Terayama, 1999.
5. International Workshop on Global Change: View of Siberia from NOAA Satellite, eds. Kudoh Jun-ichi and Yamada Katsuyoshi, 2001.
6. Indigenous Ecological Practices and Cultural Traditions in Yakutia, ed. Hiroki Takakura, 2003.
7. Some Issues of Mongolian History and Ethnology, eds. A. Ochir and Hiroki Oka, 2004. Seminar jointly organized by the Institute of History, Mongolian Academy of Sciences and the Center for Northeast Asian Studies, Tohoku University. Mongolia-Japan Center, Ulan Bator, Mongolia, 15 Sept. 2003.
8. Building a GIS Platform for the Quantitative Approach to Regional Studies in Northeast Asia, ed. Kazuaki Miyamoto, 2004.
(Note: Name order as in published work.)
9. The Preconditions of the 1911 Mongolian National Revolution and Its International Circumstances, eds. Oka Hiroki and O. Batsaihan, 2006. (In Mongolian)
10. New Trends and Present Agenda of Historical Study of Mongolia (17th-beginning of 20th century), eds. Ch. Dashdavaa, Hiroki Oka,2010.
11. Good to Eat, Good to Live with: Nomads and Animals in Northern Eurasia and Africa, eds. Florian Stammler and Hiroki Takakura, 2010.

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