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nav Hitoshi Kuribayashi, Mengwen Zonghui, Mongolian-Chinese-Manchu Triglot Dictionary of 1891, 2010
Mengwen Zonghui(蒙文総彙) is a Mongolian-Chinese-Manchu Triglot Dictionary, which was published at Peking in 1891, Ching dynasty. It should be regarded as the earliest Mongolian dictionary published in xylograph and arranged by Mongolian traditional alphabet. This book contains all the items of this dictionary: Mongolian(in romanized transcription and in traditional Mongolian script), Chinese(in Chinese character), and Manchu(in romanized transcription) with original location(volume and page).

nav Daisuke Sato, At the Nexus of the Society of Sendai Domain under Disasters in the 18th to 19th Centuries : The Analysis and Material of Bessho Man`emon’s Personal Records, 2010
Thisbook includes the decoding of Bessho Man`emon’s personal records about the disasters in 18th to 19th century Sendai Domain, to analyze the impact, aftermath of disasters and people’s reaction, reconstruction their society from disasters.
And this book tries to figure out the history of Sendai Domain in the 19th century, especially the discussion and struggle about reconstruction from the disasters among Sendai Domain’s people, include commonalty, samurai and daimyo. From these analyses, this book will show new historical material and view points about the history of the relationship among the society and disasters in the Japanese archipelago.

nav Supervised by Hirakawa Arata, eds. Terayama Kyosuke, Hatakeyama Tadashi, Onodera Utako, Japanese-Russian Relations in the 18th and 19th Centuries: A Documentary Record, Vol. 5, 2010
In this fifth volume are recorded 49 translated in Japanese documents covering almost a decade dated from the coming back of Lezanov delegation from Nagasaki, after receiving rejection by Edo government about the establishment of relationship between Japan and Russia, to Kamchatska. 35 original documents in Russian that we found in Russian archives and have never been published even in Russia among these 49 are also included in this volume as did in vol. 4. Especially documents relating to the attacks of Japanese villages by Khvostov and Davidov will interest readers and shed new light on the history of Japanese-Russian relations.

nav Akira Isobe, The Original Texts of Two Denominational Precious Volumes Published in the Early Qing, with Explanatory Remarks: Pufu zhouliu wushisan can baojuan and Yaoqin sanzang xitian qu qing jielun, 2010
This volume consists of photofacsimile reproductions, together with summaries, of two religious texts known as “precious Volumes” (Baojuan 宝巻) that were published privately in the early Qing. The Yaoqin sanzang xitian qu qing jielun 姚秦三蔵西天取清解論 was published in Shunzhi 順治 2 (1645). The Pufu zhouliu wushisan can baojuan 普覆週流五十三参宝巻, on the other hand, was composed by a religious leader affiliated to a sect known as the Way of Yellow Heaven (Huangtiandao 黃天道) and was published in Beijing in Kangxi 康熙 32 (1693). Precious Volumes published in the late Ming and early Qing were sumptuously produced, imitating scriptures published by imperial sanction, and in view of the fact that they were published alongside Buddhist and Daoist scriptures by publishers located within the city of Beijing, where the imperial palace was situated, it is evident that they were not proscribed at the time. The two texts reproduced here also contain information about the publishers, and if one further takes into account their silk binding, format, and so on, it is to be surmised that they were published with the patronage of princesses, ladies-in-waiting, and eunuchs in the imperial palace and officials and well-to-do people living in Beijing. Here lies the significance of reproducing these texts today.

nav Re-defining history, Oka Hiroki, 2011
This publication contains the articles contributed to the International symposium “Re-defining history: “ held in February 2010 at Tohoku University. The introduction and ten articles discussing Post Soviet era historiography and education in the former socialist countries including Mongolia, Uzbekistan, Azerbaijan, Caucasus and the Sakha Republic of Russian Federation are included. Each section consists of the articles of Japanese specialists and the scholars invited from the countries. This book revealed the commonalities and differences of the countries’ post-Soviet trends of historiography, education and culture.

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